sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

Demorou dois anos para que o Let’s Wrestle (foto) lançasse seu primeiro album, mas desde o single “Song for Abba Tribute Record”, de 2007, este trio de jovens britânicos já vinha merecendo atenção da crítica especializada. Dito e feito: In The Court of the Wrestling Let’s não decepciona. Dele você ouve a bem humorada “Song for Old People”. Na sequencia tem Los Campesinos!, Hot Club de Paris, Elle Milano, Hefner, Bombay Bicycle Club, Look See Proof, Mystery Jets, Richard Hawley e The Clientele.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira.

01 – LET’S WRESTLE, “Song for Old People”
In: In the Court of the Wrestling Let’s, 2010.

02 – LOS CAMPESINOS!, “Death to Los Campesinos”
In: Hold on Now, Youngster..., 2008.

03 – HOT CLUB DE PARIS, “Your Face Looks All Wrong”
In: Drop It ‘til It Pops, 2006.

04 – ELLE MILANO, “Believe Your Own Hype. Always”
In: Acres of Dead Space Cadets, 2008.

05 – HEFNER, “God Is on My side”
In: Breaking God’s Heart, 1998.

06 – BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB, “Open House”
In: The Boy I Used To Be EP, 2007.

07 – LOOK SEE PROOF, “Casualty”
In: Between Here and There, 2008.

08 – MYSTERY JETS, “Two Doors Down”
In: Twenty One, 2008.

09 – RICHARD HAWLEY, “Tonight the Streets Are Ours”
In: Lady’s Bridge, 2007.

10 – THE CLIENTELE, “Isn’t Life Strange?”
In: God Save the Clientele, 2007.

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