domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

Na penúltima playlist da série dedicada a gravadora Matador Records que a seis domingos apresentamos aqui na Radio Indie temos mais uma seleção musical especialíssima. Hoje você ouve Neko Case, Interpol (foto), Stephen Malkmus, Guided By Voices, M. Ward, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Mission of Burma e A.C. Newman.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira

01 – NEKO CASE, “Deep Red Bells”
In: Blacklisted, 2002.

02 – INTERPOL, “Obstacle”
In: Turn On The Bright Lights, 2002.

03 – AEREOGRAMME, “Black Path”
In: Sleep and Release, 2003.

04 – STEPHEN MALKMUS and THE JICKS, “Fractions and Feelings”
In: Pig Lib, 2003.

05 – GUIDED BY VOICES, “My Son, My Secretary and My Country”
In: Earthquake Glue, 2003.

06 – M. WARD, “Sad, Sad Song”
In: Transfiguration of Vincent, 2003.

07 – YO LA TENGO, “Today is The Day”
In: Summer Sun, 2003.

08 – PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, “Chemical, Chemical”
In: The New Romance, 2003.

09 – CAT POWER, “He War”
In: You Are Free, 2003.

In: Moonson, 2004.

11 – MISSION OF BURMA, “Fake Blood”
In: OnoffON, 2004.

12 – GUIDED BY VOICES, “Sing For You Meat”
In: Half Smiles of Decomposed, 2004.

13 – A.C. NEWMAN, “The Cloud Prayer”
In: The Slow Wonder, 2004.

14 – INTERPOL, “Length of Love”
In: Antics, 2004.

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