domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

Apenas concluindo a série de playlists dedicada a Matador Records que ocupou os últimos nove domingos com mais de 150 músicas do catálogo deste que é um dos mais importantes selos independentes da história do rock. Na semana que vem, dia 8 de agosto, começamos a contar um pouco da história da Rough Trade. Aguarde. Hoje você fica com Mission of Burma (foto), Cat Power, Shearwater, Stephen Malkmus, Times New Viking e Kurt Vile, dentre outros.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira.

01 – MISSION OF BURMA, “Nancy Reagan’s Head”
In: The Obliterati, 2006.

02 – JENNIFER O’CONNOR, “Sister”
In: Over The Mountain, Across The Valley and Back To The Stars, 2006.

03 – CAT POWER, “Could We”
In: The Greatest, 2006.

04 – THE PONYS, “Double Vision”
In: Turn The Lights Out, 2007.

05 – LOVE OF DIAGRAMS, “The Pyramid”
In: Mosaic, 2007.

06 – DEAD MEADOW, “What Needs Must Be”
In: Old Growth, 2008.

07 – SHEARWATER, “Johnny Viola”
In: Palo Santo, 2006.

08 – CAVE SINGERS, “Dancing On Our Graves”
In: Invitation Songs, 2007.

09 – CAT POWER, “New York”
In: Jukebox, 2008.

10 – STEPHEN MALKMUS, “Out of Reaches”
In: Real Emotional Trash, 2008.

11 – JAY REATARD, “Trapped Here”
In: Matador Singles ’08, 2008.

12 – JAGUAR LOVE, “Highways of Gold”
In: Take Me To The Sea, 2008.

13 – CAVE SINGERS, “Beach House”
In: Welcome Joy, 2009.

14 – TIMES NEW VIKING, “Martin Luther King Day”
In: Born Again Revisited, 2009.

15 – KURT VILE, “Hunchback”
In: Childish Prodigy, 2009.

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