domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

Na quinta playlist da série dedicada a Rough Trade, são, mais uma vez, os Smiths (foto) quem dominam com clássicos como “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” e “Panic” do album The Queen Is Dead, de 1986. Além do quarteto de Manchester você ouve na playlist de hoje The Fall, Prefab Sprout, The Sundays, James, Galaxie 500, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine e Butthole Surfers interpretando “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”, famosa na voz de Donovan, cantor e compositor dos anos 1960.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira.

01 – THE SMITHS, “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”
In: Hatful of Hollow, 1984.

02 – THE SMITHS, “Well I Wonder”
In: Meat Is Murder, 1985.

03 – THE SMITHS, “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”
In: Meat is Murder, 1985.

04 – THE SMITHS, “The Boy With The Thorn in His Side”
In: The Queen Is Dead, 1986.

05 – THE FALL, “Container Drivers”
In: Grotesque (After the Gramme), 1980.

06 – THE SMITHS, “Bigmouth Strikes Again”
In: The Queen Is Dead, 1986.

07 – PREFAB SPROUT, “Radio Love”
In: Lions in My Own Garden, Exit Someone – Single, 1982.

08 – THE SMITHS, “Panic”
In: The Queen Is Dead, 1986.

09 – THE SMITHS, “Cemetry Gates”
In: The Queen Is Dead, 1986.

10 – THE SMITHS, “Half a Person”
In: Louder Than Bombs, 1987.

11 – THE SMITHS, “I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish”
In: Strangeways, Here We Come, 1987.

12 – THE SUNDAYS, “You’re Not The Only One I Know”
In: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, 1990.

13 – JAMES, “Sky Is Falling”
In: Sit Down 7”, 1989.

14 – JAMES, “Sit Down”
In: Gold Mother, 1990.

15 – GALAXIE 500, “Blue Thunder”
In: On Fire, 1989.

16 – GALAXIE 500, “Victory Garden”
In: On Fire, 1989.

17 – JAMES, “Come Home”
In: Gold Mother, 1990.

18 – JAMES, “Promised Land”
In: Come Home 7”, 1989.

In: 101 Damnations, 1989.

20 – BUTTHOLE SURFERS, “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”
In: The Hurdy Gurdy Man EP, 1990.

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