domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

No sétimo playlist dedicado a Rough Trade, destaque para os ingleses The Libertines (foto) que, segundo consta, ensaia uma volta. Vamos torcer para que sejam mais do que boatos. Dos dois albuns lançados pela Rough Trade, escutamos hoje “Time For Heroes” e “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun”. Ainda tem British Sea Power, The Tyde, The Hidden Cameras, Delays, Fiery Furnaces, The Strokes, The Veils, Belle and Sebastian, Low, Aberfeldy, Phantom Buffalo e Adam Green.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira.

01 – BRITISH SEA POWER, “Childhood Memories”
In: The Decline of British Sea Power, 2003.

02 – THE TYDE, “Go Ask Yer Dad”
In: Twice, 2003.

03 – THE TYDE, “Henry VIII”
In: Twice, 2003.

04 – THE LIBERTINES, “Time For Heroes”
In: Up The Bracket, 2002.

05 – THE HIDDEN CAMERAS, “A Miracle”
In: The Smell of Our Own, 2003.

06 – DELAYS, “Hey Girl”
In: Faded Seaside Glamour, 2004.

07 – DELAYS, “Zero Zero One”
In: Hey Girl 7”, 2003.

08 – THE LIBERTINES, “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun”
In: The Libertines, 2004.

09 – THE FIERY FURNACES, “Crystal Clear”
In: Gallowsbird’s Bark, 2003.

10 – THE STROKES, “12:51”
In: Room on Fire, 2003.

11 – THE VEILS, “Lavinia”
In: The Runaway Found, 2004.

12 – BELLE AND SEBASTIAN, “Love On The March”
In: Step Into My Office, Baby 7”, 2003.

13 – DELAYS, “Ride It On”
In: Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before..., 2003.

14 – LOW, “Cue The Strings”
In: The Great Destroyer, 2004.

15 – ABERFELDY, “Vegetarian Restaurant”
In: Young Forever, 2004.

16 – ABERFELDY, “What You Do”
In: Young Forever, 2004.

17 – PHANTOM BUFFALO, “A Hilly Town”
In: A Hilly Town 7”, 2002.

18 – THE VEILS, “The Wild Son”
In: The Runaway Found, 2004.

19 – ADAM GREEN, “Emily”
In: Gemstones, 2005.

20 – ADAM GREEN, “What A Waster”
In: Jessica – Single, 2003.

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