segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

Para começar a semana uma seleção musical apenas de covers que abre com um dos mais recentes: “Barely Legal” com o Real Estate (foto), faixa extraída do tributo produzido pelo Stereogum que lembra os dez anos do album This is It, dos Strokes. Na sequencia tem Girls, The Morning Benders, Jens Lekman, Ben Kweller, Ben Folds Five, Rilo Kiley, Pixies, The New Pornographers e Yo La Tengo com uma série de covers.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira.

01 – REAL ESTATE, “Barely Legal” (The Strokes cover)
In: Stroked: A Tribute to This Is It, 2011.

02 – GIRLS, “The End of the World” (Skeeter Davis cover)
In: Morning Light [Single], 2010.

03 – THE MORNING BENDERS, “I Won’t Share You” (The Smiths cover)
In: Bedroom Covers [EP], 2010.

04 – JENS LEKMAN, “You Can Call Me Al” (Paul Simon cover)
In: Swedish Radio P3 Live Session, 2007.

05 – BEN KWELLER, “Today” (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
In: Helio presents: The Smashing Pumpkins Tribute CD, s/d.

06 – BEN FOLDS FIVE, “She Don’t Use Jelly” (Flaming Lips cover)
In: Whatever and Ever Amen, 1997.

07 – RILO KILEY, “After Hours” (Velvet Underground cover)
In: The Execution of All Things [Single], 2003.

08 – PIXIES, “Winterlong” (Neil Young cover)
In: Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies, 2004.

09 – THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS, “When I Was Baby” (The Donner Party cover)
In: Letter From an Occupant [Single], 2002.

10 – YO LA TENGO, “Speeding Motorcycle” (Daniel Johnston cover)
In: Fakebook, 1990.

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