quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

A dupla britânica Blood Red Shoes (foto) está lançando In Time To Voices, seu terceiro álbum. Destaque para seu primeiro single, “Cold”, música que abre nosso playlist de hoje. Na sequencia tem The Kills, Maxïmo Park, The Vaccines, The Cribs, 2:54, Howler, Tribes, Miles Kane e Fergus & Geronimo.

Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira. 

01 – BLOOD RED SHOES, “Cold”
In: In Time To Voices, 2012. 

02 – THE KILLS, “Wild Charms”
In: Blood Pressures, 2011. 

03 – MAXÏMO PARK, “Reluctant Love”
In: The National Health, 2012.

04 – THE VACCINES, “No Hope”
In: No Hope [Single], 2012. 

05 – THE CRIBS, “Like a Gift Giver”
In: In The Belly of The Brazen Bull, 2012. 

06 – 2:54, “Got a Hold”
In: Scarlet [EP], 2011. 

07 – HOWLER, “I Told You Once”
In: America Give Up, 2012. 

08 – TRIBES, “Corner Of An English Field”
In: Baby, 2012. 

09 – MILES KANE, “Better Left Invisible”
In: Colour of the Trap, 2011. 

10 – FERGUS & GERONIMO, “Off the Map”
In: Funky Was the State of Affairs, 2012. 

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