segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2012

Não tem banda mais prolífica que a norte-americana Thee Oh Sees (foto). O quarteto de São Francisco acaba de lançar seu 14º álbum: Putrifiers II. Você confere aqui “Hang a Picture”. Na sequencia tem Ty Segall, The Intelligence, Mikal Cronin, White Fence, Spider Bags, Sic Alps, Jacuzzi Boys, Night Beats e Dog Day.

 Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira. 

01 – THEE OH SEES, “Hang a Picture”
In: Putrifiers II, 2012. 

02 – TY SEGALL, “The Hill”
In: Slaughterhouse, 2012. 

03 – THE INTELLIGENCE, “Reading and Writing About Partying”
In: Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me, 2012. 

04 – MIKAL CRONIN, “I Enjoy Being a Boy”
In: Trouble in Mind 4-Way Covers Split 7”, 2012. 

05 – WHITE FENCE, “Swagger Vets and Double Moon”
In: Family Perfume Vol. 1, 2012. 

06 – SPIDER BAGS, “Friday Night”
In: Shake My Head, 2012. 

07 – SIC ALPS, “Eat Happy”
In: Napa Asylum, 2011. 

08 – JACUZZI BOYS, “Fruits”
In: No Seasons, 2010. 

09 – NIGHT BEATS, “Stampede”
In: H-Bomb [EP], 2010. 

10 – DOG DAY, “Scratches”
In: Scratches [EP], 2011

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