quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

A britânica Kate Nash (foto) aparece aqui na Radio Indie com “Death Proof”, faixa de seu recém-lançado EP – de mesmo nome. Na sequencia tem Young Buffalo, Best Coast, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Metric, Lana Del Rey, Of Monsters and Men, Theme Park e The Killers.

 Seleção Musical de Ricardo Pereira. 

01 – KATE NASH, “Death Proof”
In: Death Proof [EP], 2012. 

02 – YOUNG BUFFALO, “Nature Boy”
In: Young Buffalo [EP], 2012. 

03 – BEST COAST, “My Life”
In: The Only Place, 2012. 

04 – CAT POWER, “King Rides By”
In: Sun, 2012.

05 – FIONA APPLE, “Anything We Want”
In: The Idler Wheel…, 2012. 

06 – METRIC feat. Lou Reed, “The Wanderlust”
In: Synthetica, 2012. 

07 – LANA DEL REY, “Yayo”
In: Born To Die, 2012. 

08 – OF MONSTERS AND MEN, “Monster Sound”
In: My Head is an Animal, 2012. 

09 – THEME PARK, “Two Hours”
In: Two Hours, 2012. 

10 – THE KILLERS, “Prize Fighter”
In: Battle Born, 2012. 

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